Summer Vehicle Adventures

For All Adventurous Types

Sunny days should be for adventures, specifically those that involve vehicles and wind in your hair.

Whether you’re out on your motorcycle road trip, enjoying the dunes with your ATV, trying tricks on your Dirt Bike, feeling the sunny breeze on your Scooter, or enjoying a game on your Golf Cart we can cover your ride and your gear, allowing you to keep your mind on your adventure.

The list goes on for what we can cover: Street motorcycles, dual and off-road, scooters and mopeds, homemade or kit bikes, Segway, trike and trike conversions, limited production cruisers, ATVs, UTVs, side-by-sides and golf carts, even snowmobiles for later seasons.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a type of adventurous vehicle that we can’t cover. We work with a wide variety of third-party vendors to ensure maximum coverage at an affordable price.

What’s an Adventure without the Gear?

Safety Apparel or commonly referred to as just gear can include coverage for things like helmets, boots, gloves, leathers, and other protective apparel, up to $1,000 per rider. More expensive custom helmets or gloves can be covered under Custom Parts & Equipment for values beyond $1,000.

Check out this cool guy. I bet he has insurance.

That gear is purchased to make you look more awesome but also to provide superior protection. You pay to protect your body so it makes sense to protect your gear and finances as well.

But sometimes your customization doesn’t stop at your gear, and neither should the insurance! It can translate right into your vehicles custom parts. Not only that but let’s say you have a sweet Harley, OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts are also covered.

The equipment coverage falls under the ‘Extra Coverage’ sometimes included in the base policy of your vehicle. If you have spent your sweat and money into more expensive parts, you can up to $20,000 of coverage per vehicle for an additional premium.

With more money put into your customization, it makes sense to get it covered for those thrill-ride, adrenaline pumping adventures.

The Easiest Adventure

Your insurance adventure should be the easiest one yet and the Steele Group Insurance Agency aims to do so. Save the sweaty-palms and adrenaline rushes for the adventures on or off the road. However, we will still leave you feeling accomplished and worthwhile.

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