Easter: History & Traditions

Scrabble letters are laid out on a blanket with small pastel eggs to spell out Happy Easter.

Easter is a globally recognized holiday observed by Christians to honor the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is one of the most important and widely celebrated religious festivals worldwide. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the origins, customary festivities, and ideas for observing the holiday with your loved ones.

History of Easter

Easter’s origins can be traced back to the Jewish holiday of Passover, which honors the liberation of the Israelites from enslavement in Egypt. Jesus Christ’s resurrection took place during Passover and later became a significant event for Christians to observe. The holiday date is determined by the first full moon following the spring equinox.

Traditional Celebrations

Various customs are associated with this holiday’s celebrations around the globe, including egg hunts, egg painting, church services, and processions. Unique traditions exist in different countries, such as Poland’s “blessing of the baskets” or Mexico’s “burning of the Judas” effigy. Special foods, like hot cross buns, lamb, and eggs, are also commonly enjoyed during the holiday.

Why Rabbits & Eggs?

Rabbits and eggs are popular symbols of this holiday. These icons have their roots in pagan customs that celebrated spring’s arrival and the emergence of new life. The hare, closely related to the rabbit, symbolized fertility and rebirth in ancient times, while eggs signified new beginnings and life’s renewal. Gradually, these symbols were incorporated into Christian Easter celebrations and became integral to the holiday’s customs. Today, eggs are often colorfully decorated, and the Easter bunny is a cherished character who brings treats and surprises to children.

Celebrating Easter with Your Family

Numerous activities can be enjoyed with family during this holiday, such as attending local events, decorating eggs, and hosting a festive brunch. Additionally, engage in Easter-themed crafts and games with your children or embark on a nature walk to appreciate spring’s beauty. Some families also exchange gifts, like baskets filled with sweets and small toys.

Easter holds a special place in the hearts of families worldwide due to its rich history and diverse traditions. Regardless of whether you focus on the religious significance or delight in egg hunts and chocolate bunnies, there are plenty of opportunities to create lasting memories with loved ones during this holiday.

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